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Our team

  • Dionisis Biskinis

    General Manager/ Co-founder
    Dionisis Biskinis is a civil engineer. He holds a MSc in Civil Engineer Infrastructures and a PhD in Earthquake Engineering from the University of Patras. Besides his active academic and research career, he has privately owned olive groves in a seaside area of Zakynthos boasting unique natural beauty. He is passionate about Greek olive oil and is literally the soul of the business. As general manager at GReco Treasures, he has been involved in every aspect of the business and so is more familiar than anyone with every single step of the process, from production to standardization. He is responsible for Sales, Payments and Public Relations and all social media communication goes through him. He speaks fluently English and Italian and has basic knowledge of the German language. His never-ending search for knowledge has him spend his spare time studying and staying up to date through articles, books and seminars on olive oil. He is a husband, and father to one girl, Angelina; he keeps busy in many ways but still finds the time to enjoy some relaxing moments getting out into nature and exploring the countryside or canoeing in the crystal blue waters of the Ionian sea.
  • Nikos Vgenopoulos

    Production Manager/ Co-founder
    Nikos Vgenopoulos was born in Munich, Germany but grew up in Patras, where he completed his secondary education in Vocational High School (sector of Agriculture, Food and Environment). He has several years of experience in the productive sector and is currently responsible for the management of the family-owned olive groves in western Achaia, expanding them with new plantations. He carefully oversees all aspects of the olive trees’ growing process and ensures the implementation of best practices during harvest time. As production manager at GReco Treasures, he is also responsible for Quality Assurance; he strictly monitors the selection of the best raw materials and applies the optimal conditions for the whole standardizing process, from the filtration and storage to the bottling and packaging. He has a passion for nature and its treasures and a deep appreciation for small producers who have invested the best of themselves into their crops to deliver superior quality products. Nikos is beloved for his pleasant personality and has a wonderful sense of humor. He is an active sports participant and supporter and enjoys training for, and running, half-marathons. He is also very passionate about music and spends his free time playing, and singing, songs on his guitar. He lives with his wife and business partner, Dimitra Kolliopoulou; and their dog, Fortino.
  • Dimitra Kolliopoulou

    Finance & Office Manager/ Quality control analyst

    Wife to Nikos and first cousin to Dionisis, Dimitra Kolliopoulou is a graduate of the Athens University of Economics and Business (Business Administration major). She is a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece. Four-lingual, Dimitra is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and Greek of course. Being organizational by nature, she found her place in the administrative sector and more specifically in Finance and Office Management. Possessing a bit of an artistic flair, she is also serving in the areas of Marketing and Advertising. In addition to her role at GReco Treasures, over the past few years she has gotten more involved in the family owned testing laboratory, having undergone training and having gained operational experience in techniques for chemical analysis of wine and olive oil as well. In her work, she pays close attention to detail and likes to focus on keeping everything moving smoothly and applying high professional standards in carrying out all orders. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, reading and solving jigsaw puzzles. In her free time she likes getting lost in nature and she is rarely seen around without her dog, Fortino. She has a love for arts and crafts with a particular penchant for artisan craft work, especially art that is functional. Her interests include learning new languages and discovering new cultures.

  • Costas Kolliopoulos

    CEO of Quality Assurance
    Costas Kolliopoulos, Dimitra’s father, is a chemist and oenologist. He is a very experienced wine taster and certified wine expert. He has more than 40 years of experience in winemaking as well as olive oil production. He has been the president of the Regional Department of the Peloponnese & Western Greece of the Association of Greek Chemists for many years. He is a member of the Association of Greek Oenologists and a member of the American Society of Oenologists. He represents the Association of Greek Oenologists at the tripartite committee of evaluation of wines with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). He has a strong penchant for fine wine and quality olive oil and as an expert of all the stages of olive oil production (from the farm to the standardization), he oversees the proper running of the business and more particularly the chemical testing laboratory, ensuring that both equipment and personnel are operating under optimum conditions, in order to always deliver the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil. He is a man of integrity and vast experience whose opinion is valued. Additionally, he is great at transmitting with ease his incredible knowledge about olive oil and his attention to detail and commitment to unsurpassed quality has proven invaluable.
  • External Consultant

    There is also ongoing support from a chemical engineer with postgraduate studies in Food Science and Technology and years of relevant experience in the food industry. He has been collaborating with food manufacturing companies as production and quality control manager and he contributes to the business from a more scientific perspective. In his work, he follows and applies all the new trends and methods in the food sector and by means of providing his services to GReco Treasures on a consultancy basis, his operational experience with food hygiene, safety and quality assurance programs is indispensable for the growth and advancement of the business.

Our Partners

We cultivate our own olive trees on private estates, with painstaking care and love, nevertheless we collaborate with small, carefully selected producers who continue the generations old family tradition in olive growing and follow traditional methods and procedures for the cultivation and harvesting of the olive trees. Olive collection is purely done by hand, using only natural methods, with full respect for nature. We are in daily contact with farmers throughout the year, in search of the best available olives in every region, and by giving them the appropriate direction, support and guidance on all good olive growing practices and harvesting techniques, we ensure the best possible raw material, the olive fruit. At the same time, we maintain strong business relationships with selected olive oil mills that respect the product and the environment, apply the latest innovative oil extraction techniques and fulfil our company’s strict specifications related to olive oil production and storage.