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Our Story

GReco Treasures is a Greek family business specializing in the standardization and trade of extra virgin olive oil.

  • Our Story

    GReco Treasures is a family-owned company founded in 2017 by three young professionals, ambitious, with diverse scientific knowledge and work experience, who share a boundless passion for Greek nature and its priceless natural treasures, especially for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the “liquid gold”, as Homer used to call it.

    The company’s headquarters is in Sageika of Achaia, in the northwestern part of Peloponnese, renowned for the quality of its agricultural products and, in particular, the production of exceptional quality olive oil.

    The olive groves where the fruits are harvested, are located in the wider area of southwestern Greece, in Peloponnese and on the island of Zakynthos. For several generations we have cultivated our own olive groves in Zakynthos, Messinia and western Achaia, where we are expanding the existing ones by planting new olive trees. Meanwhile, we are partnering up with prestigious producers in the region, who respect the product and follow all good cultivation and oil extraction practices.

    For us, at GReco Treasures, olive oil is integrally linked with the history of this land. Moved by our love for olive oil and guided by a profound respect for centuries-old Greek tradition in olive oil production, we collaborate with small, carefully selected producers who follow family tradition as transferred from one generation to the next for the cultivation and harvesting of olive trees, and with whom we share the same values and respect for the environment and the rural and cultural traditions of the country, in order to get the best out of what nature has to offer.

    Our olive oil “LIOPETRA” is noted for its sensory characteristics as a result of the perfect soil and climatic conditions of the area and its distinctive Koroneiki variety. This variety is one of the oldest olive tree varieties in Greece that gives fine olive oil with intense aromatic scent and fruity taste with sharp notes, rich in antioxidants and nutrients. The soil, the microclimate and the variety of the olive fruit, along with the traditional methods of cultivation, shape the well-balanced organoleptic characteristics of our olive oil. So we can guarantee that the extra virgin olive oil "LIOPETRA" is a pure natural product of excellent quality.

    The business operates in our privately owned facilities, using the state of the art mechanical equipment and under constant compliance with certified quality procedures and continuous quality controls at the company’s self-testing laboratory, both on receiving the olive oil and at the various stages of standardization, so as to consistently achieve maintaining the nutritional benefits of internationally acclaimed Greek Extra Virgin Oil, the highest quality and excellent hygiene for our products, during all stages of storage, bottling and packaging.

    With respect for nutritional tradition, we strictly monitor the whole procedure, from the selection of the best olive fruits to the standardizing and storing of finished products, so that the final product meets the premium quality and taste specifications.

Dionisis Biskinis

General Manager/ Co-founder

Dimitra Kolliopoulou

Finance & Office Manager/ Quality control analyst

Nikos Vgenopoulos

Production Manager/ Co-founder