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Our Philosophy

At GReco Treasures, quality is the cornerstone of all of our activities. Our business principles are interwoven with quality assurance and provision of top quality products to our end costumers and, equally important, the consumer.

  • Our Philosophy

    The primary concern of the company is to be in position to guarantee the superior quality, unique taste and high nutritional value of each of our products reaching your family table.

    With a deep sense of responsibility towards the consumers, GReco Treasures adopts a specific quality policy, which it treats as an integral part of its operation in all stages through continuous quality controls, so that we can offer products of outstanding quality, fully harmonized with international quality and hygiene standards and national legislation, always with respect for the environment and driven by consumer’s satisfaction.

    With the goal of meeting constantly changing consumer needs, satisfying rapidly evolving demands and fulfilling increasingly growing customer expectations, we strive for excellence in every detail through continuous improvement in all areas of our business operation. We continually seek to improve our performance to noticeably increase the value we create for our customers.

  • Our vision

    Our vision is to continuously improve all aspects of our business, expanding the range of our fine products with new quality natural products of Greek land, so as we may be in position to offer consumers all over the world products of high nutritional value, of excellent quality and taste, combining the authenticity of tradition with the modern market requirements, in order to fully satisfy our customers.

    Our purpose is, of course, the development and expansion of the business and the entry into new markets, achieving new partnerships and establishing strong and lasting relationships with all cooperating parties. Moreover, a long-term goal is the international networking and strengthening of the company, as well as the promotion of Greek local agricultural products, cultivated and produced using eco-friendly methods that respect our tradition and the environment.

  • Our mission

    Our mission is to promote the Greek olive oil, fundamental component of the Mediterranean diet, and more specifically, the promotion of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil “LIOPETRA”, with the object of export orientation and highlighting worldwide the value of extra virgin olive oil produced in our land.

    Respectfully maintaining age-old traditions in Greece and respecting the local communities and the environment, we select prime raw materials and ensure optimum conditions for standardizing, to offer consumers a product of the finest quality and superior taste, which maintains all the beneficial ingredients of olives.

    With absolute faith and love to the value of a healthy diet and with facilities that meet all the quality management system requirements, we aim to preserve the quality and organoleptic characteristics of olive oil, consistently following the specifications laid down by the component authorities. At the same time, we aim to continually improve our products, maintain optimal standardization conditions and provide immediate customer service.