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Our Values

The core values that shape the culture and constitute the main pillars on which GReco Treasures bases its activity, are:

  • Quality

    Every day we take care of the finest detail so you can enjoy top quality. Our company is committed to consistently ensure the high quality of our olive oil, which is achieved through constant checks in our in-house laboratory upon receipt and throughout the whole standardizing process, thus shielding the exceptional quality, unique taste and utmost nutritional value of every bottle of our superb Extra Virgin Olive Oil reaching your table. Results of our lab are confirmed by independent, certified laboratories.

  • Respect for consumers and dedication to customer service

    We are dedicated and fully committed to our customers and relentlessly focused on meeting their needs and aspirations. In order to do this with efficiency and with absolute respect for consumer eating habits, without compromising on the principles of a healthy diet, we strive daily to satisfy the expectations and needs of even the most demanding costumers, offering them quality products that meet the market requirements as well as excellent service.

  • Integrity & reliability

    We conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity and honesty as individuals, as a team, and as a company. Driven by building up credibility with others, we aim for everyone who comes in contact with us, customers, producers and partners to be completely satisfied, with our focus on consistency, safety and trust in our trade, which we believe is essential to maintaining long-term personal and business relationships.

  • Respect for tradition and commitment to the future

    Our goal is to combine the ancient Greek tradition with the adoption and proper use of new technologies and methods of processing and standardization in order to offer the consumer products of the highest quality, with supreme taste.

  • Respect for the natural environment and human beings

    Our business practices help us grow both our business and rural communities while minimizing our negative impact on the environment. At GReco Treasures, we do our best to implement “green” and eco-friendly practices to every aspect of our business activity, we choose to strictly use recyclable packaging materials, we use led lighting and inverter technology for the daily operations as well as for the lighting needs within the facilities. Moreover, during the standardizing process zero waste is produced, therefore there is no environmental impact, while the amount of energy consumed is the minimum possible due to the energy-efficient equipment. In our effort to reduce our environmental footprint, we are planning the installation of a solar plant, which will cover the energy needs of the business.

    Furthermore, we consider it an essential component of our work to collaborate with individuals who share our love for the environment and follow traditional methods and procedures, showcasing respect towards nature.

    Besides protecting the environment, at GReco Treasures, we build solid, long-lasting relationships with traditional greek farmers, we strongly support local producers and we are buying directly, without any intermediary, supporting the economic viability of the rural communities in which they live.

    Overall, we monitor environmental standards and operate with sensitivity and respect for human beings and the environment.