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Olive Oil at the core of the Mediterranean Diet

By Greek Lipid Forum

Supported by the cosponsored program for olive oil promotion, "OLIVE OIL WORLD"  by  SEVITEL AMKEPE

Years of scientific research have raised Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the food staple of high nutritional value while repeatedly confirming its beneficial characteristics.

The multiple positive effects of the olive tree and its fruit in the day-to-day life of the Mediterranean people, as well as its history through the aeons, have caused a keen interest in the scientific community, and have fueled continuous research in every aspect of the “holy tree”.

From the moment the international community recognized the value of olive oil and its beneficial contributions to health, the scientists’ interest has intensified and spread across countries.

The Greek Lipid Forum was created in 2003, upon a platform that fosters open, fertile dialogue and the exchange of opinions and ideas for the promotion of the lipid science and technology. The Forum supports every scientific initiative regarding olive oil and dedicates a big part of its conferences to this unique staple.

This particular publication is an effort to compile important scientific articles about olive oil, record various scientific opinions and enrich the findings with interesting tips on how to best use olive oil.

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Source: Hellenic Health Foundation